Stop For Nothing

Essentia Water hydrates you to help you be the most resilient and relentless version of yourself. In our campaign, we highlight the journeys of actress Millie Bobby Brown and quarterback Patrick Mahomes II as they stay hydrated, stay driven, and stop for nothing on their roads to success.


As part of our campaign, we helped Essentia with new audio and visual mnemonic rebranding, after a monthslong process of design exploration that included elements of the bottle, brand, and logo—ultimately landing on a dynamic splash that conveyed hydration in a visually arresting way. 

Made @ Droga5
Director: Fausto Becatti
Animation: BUCK
Audio: Q Dept
GCD: Marco Howell
Creative Team: Christian Maine de Biran, Daniel Freeda, Brendan Dimech, Cherise Woo


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