World Obsessed

When Droga5 relaunched the Huggies brand, we welcomed baby to this strange world we live in. For our next iteration of our campaign, we honed in on something equally strange—our obsession with baby’s soft skin, and everything that comes with it: the arm-munching, raspberry-blowing, cheek-squeezing, fascination of it all. 

It’s not just parents who are obsessed—it’s everyone, really. Friends, coworkers, aunts, uncles, neighbors—and Huggies, who created their softest diapers ever to keep baby’s skin healthy and protected.

Throughout the campaign, we focused on showcasing baby’s skin...

We shared this obsession across social... 

And even print.

And for the first time, Huggies also spoke to baby, before they were even born. Can’t say we didn’t warn ya, kid.

Made @ Droga5
Director: Miles Jay
ECD: Juliana Cobb
CD: Hope Nardini
Creative Team: Jessica Pester, Sara Muchnick, Brendan Dimech, Cherise Woo


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