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Ask a millennial, and the most inspirational person they know is probably Shelby, their SoulCycle instructor.
Millennials love to get inspired, but they don’t always look for it in the right places. They’ve grown up on #MotivationalMondays, Instagram worthy hikes, and sage advice from their older cousin who discovered the key to life after taking two hits of acid at Burning Man.

What if we redirected millennials’ quests for inspiration to those little kernels of wisdom at the bookstore?

What if we inspired them to read books to the fullest?


Is it possible to get inspired by a quiet night on the couch? We raised the question by placing OOH spots near typical venues for finding yourself, like hilltop viewpoints, airports, music venues, and spin studios.


Spoofing cheesy stock image sunsets to remind you to pick up a book (not your phone).


Perhaps Mark Twain had a point that a far-off moon never considered. Many people turn to their horoscope as guidance for their daily lives, but we offered an alternative by launching a microsite, filled with quotes and book recs instead of horoscope readings. 


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CW: Brendan Dimech

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